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Art Galery co-owned by Tobias Viljoen and Herman Steyn.


Tobias Viljoen’s art had been on exhibition all over South Africa and as far as the Netherlands (Schuivinge, Den Haag & Amsterdam). His paintings are in private collections, spanning the world. In cities like New York, Houston, Hong Kong, Sydney, Dubai, Amsterdam (Compuware), London, and in countries like, Australia, Switzerland and of course many homes in South Africa. In recent years Tobias started doing pottery and has excelled in such a way that it has become a fully fledged division of the gallery. He also sources exclusive Home Decor Elements that are sold among his own artwork.

Inspiration: Tobias is a graduate in Horticulture from Cape Town university where his overall love for things botanic started his journey into the art world and fed his creativity and inspiration for his landscapes.

The rich colors of the South African landscapes combined with the rural elements, are the inspiration for his creativity in oils on canvas. His realistic approach of warm, vibrant colors contribute to his style which he describes as “easy” – because it flows without struggle. He often goes to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have his senses put in order. Tobias’ landscape compositions evolve from original self-photographed pictures. His fulfillment becomes reality when the flow of energy in his art is experienced by the viewer.

Herman Steyn is a visual artist,  a graduate from both Film School and Fashion Academy in Pretoria. At the Film School he developed a love for writing and has subsequently been involved in writing documentary films for private companies. As most aspiring novel writers he is busy with the ‘ultimate novel’ that will ‘one day’ be completed.

Inspiration: As a bookworm, scifi and fantasy addict, he gets inspired by everything that Tobias describes as drivel. They are both completely opposite in where their inspiration comes from, and that is one of the reasons they produce a range that can truly cater to all tastes.

At work Herman combines his love for visual art, wordplay and creative sewing in his projects that are exhibited all over the gallery, in the form of printed t-shirts, stickers, signs, shopping bags, cotton serviettes, place mats and aprons. He refers to himself as the original nerd, as he calls his t-shirt collection his “nerdy corner.”

As previously mentioned, together Herman and Tobias make an excellent team, and apart from the fact that you will always find something new in the shop, they hope that you will find something that will suit your taste on their latest addition, their brand new website.

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